Instantly Grab ALL Facebook Ads From Your Competitors
  • Get both ad text copy and Images from anyone running fbook ads!
  •  +3 Day FREE Trial, money back guarantee
  • No need to pay for expensive alternatives!
 Search By Name
You can search for ads just by using the name of the person on Fbook.
 Access Copy Immediately
Immediate access! Wait a few seconds for app to collect data and open the downloaded data in the next tab!
 Save Data To Your Computer
You can download all Ad copy into PDF or Word form.
"I'm not usually a testimonial guy... but Adextractor saves me so much freakin' time! It scrapes the page of all the ads that are currently running!" - Andrew Coleman
 Features of AdExtractor
  •   Extracts Fbook ads from other user Fbook pages.
  •  Extracts Fbook ads from your own personal profile (your own wall and newsfeed).
  •  Download results as PDF or Word Document.
  •  Quickly do competition research.
  •  Get text copy from the Fbook Ads and Images.
  •  Links to landing pages are included in the extraction.
  •  Unlimited pulls from Fbook pages [based on plan].
  •  Share with your team results in organized and easy to read format.
  Can I use it to find ads on my own personal profile?
Yes! You can go ahead and use it on your own personal profile and check out who is targeting you or retargeting you with ads.
  Do I need anything else for this to work?
Nope! You just need a facebook profile.
 Do you have training?
Yes! We have video training inside our facebook group.
 How can I receive customer service?
We have chat for support as well as a facebook group community where you can submit your questions.
 Can I export the data?
Yes! You can export the data by clicking Print as PDF file or Word.
  Is there an ad limit?
No! There are no limits on the ads you can pull from a Fbook page but there is a limit to how many Fbook pages you can search for depending on your plan.
 What are page submissions?
A fb page submission is when you search for the person or company you want to find ads from and you print out the file from the search results.
 What are profiles?
Profiles are the FB profiles you can search for.
Pricing & Features
Unlimited swipes
Billed once, no set up fee.
  • Page Submissions: UNLIMITED
  • Profiles: unlimited
  • Users:unlimited
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